Restaurant Paparazzi

Thank the beautiful weather for this tidbit: After landscaping our ass off, we were on the way to Black & Brew for a refreshing iced La Colombe and noticed that the “For Rent” sign at the old Tre Scalini was gone! Lights were on inside the space across from the singing fountain, and a nose-to-the-glass look inside showed contractors taking measurements of the faux-stone walls. On the sidewalk: a suit (realtor maybe?) and Big Pussy look-alike (owner maybe?) who promptly wanted to know what we were doing. We told Puss, a man of few words, we lived in the hood and asked a few questions:

Blogalicious: Did you get the space rented?
Big Pussy: Yes.

B: Is it going to be a restaurant?
BP: Yes.

B: An Italian restaurant?
BP: Yes.

Awesome… We definitely need more of those on East Passyunk. But, hey, there are worse things. Here’s hoping the new tenants’ first order of business is to paint that horrific Miami Dolphins-colored front.
Photo: blogalicious

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