Aw, Shucks

Blackfish Avalon's menu got us thinking (salivating) about Cape May salts today, the cute little Delaware Bay oysters that would be instinct if it wasn't for Slow Food USA's intervention. The crux of the northeast oyster industry up until the mid-1900s, the local oyster population was deicamted by a combination of overfishing, pollution, and parasites. Slow Food USA intervened in recent years, adding the Cape May salt to its Ark of Taste and reestablishing low-impact cultivation on the tidal flats of Cape May Courthouse. These little guys are tight, briny, sweet, and delicious. Get 'em at Dock's Oyster House in AC, Dune in Margate (half-price on Thursday), and now at Blackfish Avalon.
Photo: The Nibble

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