Oh, Snap!

Now normally we’re not into exposing restaurant critics—we’ll leave that to Philly Mag—but when this local Anton Ego wandered into a Center City spot in which we were dining this past week, we couldn’t resist going all cameraphony. Had the bartender not greeted this writer by name with a warm familiar bellow, we probably wouldn’t have noticed. The critic scurried up to the bar, where he/she proceeded to chat with the barman and other staffers between sips of water. Forget for a moment that this impromptu appearance comes on the heels of an extremely favorable review of this restaurant by this critic and dare to wonder if this writer makes his/herself known at all the places he/she critiques. We post not to attack or expose—apparently this reviewer has no qualms about anonymity—but to get your thoughts. Kosher activities? Or disturbing behavior?

Photo: blogalicious

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