Kanella Means Cinnamon

And we love us some cinnamon. Check the menu, babes, and stay tuned for the review coming soon to a PW box near you.


Loukanigo Spitisio: grilled Cyprus sausage, marinated in red wine and coriander seeds, with caper and cilantro salad… $7

Garides Giouvetsi: baked shrimp with feta, tomatoes and oregano… $8

Octopus Kathisto: braised octopus in vinegar, spices and red wine, with crusted bread… $8

Kouneli Pane: rabbit tenderloin with fresh artichoke salad… $9

Dips of the day with grilled pita bread… $7

Keftedes: fried meatballs with tzaniki and herb salad… $8

Bureki: fillo pasty parcels stuffed with feta and thyme and drizzled with thyme honey… $7

Grilled haloumi cheese with chopped salad… $8

Sardelles: grilled sardines with pickled caper lead salad… $7


Horiatiki Salad: villa salad… $7/$10

Beetroot with yogurt and scallions… $7

Koukouvagia: salad of Cretan rusks with feta, tomatoes, olives and oregano… $7


Athenian Pepper: stuffed pepper with olives, feta, mint, tomatoes and moutzentra… $17

Whole fish of the day with greens… MP

Cyprus ravioli: filled with haloumi and mint served with yogurt… $18

Afelia: pan-fried pork tenderloin with sweet peas and sage new potatoes… $21

Hellenic Mixed Kebab with sirloin, sieftalia and chips… $26

Arni: grilled top loin of lamb with bulgur pilaf and fennel… $24

Kouneli: rabbit stew with rosemary and rice pilaf… $22

Fillet of fish of the day… MP
Photo: One Big DJ

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