And Now That We’ve Located a Fresh Pair of Underwear…

Stephen Starr has bought the Broad Street Diner! Holy shnikes! Take a moment to appreciate the momentousness. Annnnnnnnnd moment up. Let the rumor mill start a’turnin’. What will the great Starrship do with the Broad and Ellsworth space? Something Silk Cityesque seems the obvious choice, maybe too obvious (though we certainly wouldn't complain). A Portuguese place might be nice, and South Philly could desperately use an Indian joint, something Starr could certainly pull that off with style. Think Bindi with better food. Tell you what we’d lovelovelove to see… something like Fatty Crab in New York, a Malaysian hole-in-the-wall with a hipstery backpacking-through-Asia vibe. Far East beers. Colonial Brit cocktails. Whole chili crabs served wayyy late into the evening. Oh yeah, we’d go there so much we’d practically be a stool. Or maybe Starr and David Chang’s Buddakan dinner back in January was more than just a date… Dare to dream.
Photo: blogalicious

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