Name Game

The Goo Goo Dolls once said famously they won’t tell no one your name. Double negative aside, the lyric seems especially apt after this week’s PW review of Memphis Taproom in […]. We expected contention about the things we said about the food, but not after the use of the Port Fishington moniker. The comment boards blew up a bit with disdain for the Realtor-speak. Said one dissenter: “Do me a favor…stop calling the neighborhood Port Fishington, and better yet, don't come back!” Another: “For a publication that likes to present itself as being in tune with Philly's neighborhoods, you would think you could at least get the neighborhood right, instead of indulging in the urge to rename neighborhoods, which is more the purview of realtors.” Eek. Nebulous are the barriers of the neighborhoods north of Northern Liberties, so much so that someone (if you’re out there, please comment) coined the catchall Port Fishington for Port Richmond, Fishtown, and Kensington. The locals seemed miffed about the portmanteau, but it’s right there on Memphis Taproom’s website (see above). It’s also in the name of the vegan cookie company they buy from. Living in a hip zip comes at a price, so get a hold of yourselves, residents of […]. At least you’re not G-Ho.

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blackmail is my life said...

When we moved around the corner from Memphis Taproom in Dec. 06, we asked none other than body shop owner Harry Sweeney about the name of the neighborhood. He told us that it was called Flat Iron for all of the ironworks that once stood in the neighborhood. I liked the sound of it and try to use it often, but don't tell the Olde Richmond Civic Association.