Chelsea Looks Ready To Go—Not!

A drive-by of the Chelsea site, where developer-cum-hotelier Curtis Bashaw hopes to propel AC into a new era with a casino-free SoHo House-y boutique hotel, shows there’s a lot of work still to be done. Bashaw, who also did Cape May’s Congress Hall and Virginia Hotel, was profiled in this month’s Philly Mag. There’s still a concrete pit where the courtyard pool will be, wiring and exposed steel where Starr’s retro diner Teplitzky’s promises to be the Jones of the Jerz. That’s the sign, 20 feet long and Grimace purple, lying on the curb in tattered plastic sheeting. Get it up, fellas. The first guests arrive in August.

Also downshore, we check out green Gertrude’s in Ventnor, where a dynamite 28-ounce cowboy steak costs almost as much as a face lift—just ask the clientele.
Photo: blogalicious

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