Greetings From... Rhode Island

Ciao, darlings. This week, blogalicious was in Newport, where the boats are big, the shoes are white and the mansions make the Main Line estates look like doublewide trailers. The food: fresh and local. Seafood hauled from the docks. Chowders that’ll make you swoon. Frosty frozen lemonade. Enough gin to intoxicate every wasp within a five-mile radius. In Providence, we sampled the Divine Providence, a creamy gouda-like cheese, from Farmstead, a quaint downtown cheese shop that reminded us of DiBruno’s. For lunch: the local fave, wood-grilled pizza from Bob & Timmy’s, followed by summer peach-and-almond pie at Pastiche, a jewel box dessert boutique in Federal Hill. Too bad we didn’t save any for the six-hour delay we endured at the airport.
Photo: blogalicious

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