LA Sees Forest Through Trees, Seeks To Ban Hamburglar and Creepy King

Los Angeles – Captain Obvious reports: “Fast food linked to obesity and other diseases. Urban poor linked to fast food. Ipso facto, fast food is to blame for obesity and other diseases in the urban poor. Also, the sky is blue.” If Councilwoman Jan Perry’s proposal is approved, the city will enact a two-year moratorium on fast food restaurants in south L.A. Stats are gripping, f’real:

“An analysis by the [Los Angeles] Times found that south Los Angeles has the county's highest concentration of fast-food restaurants. The area also has higher rates of obesity than the rest of the county, according to a county Department of Public Health study that found 30 percent of adults in south Los Angeles are obese, compared with 20.9 percent in the county overall. For children, the obesity rate was 29 percent in south Los Angeles, compared with 23.3 percent in the county.”

Egads. And people have the nerve to call Philly fat.
Photo: Makezine

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