Garces Uses His Melon, Defeats Flay

Congrats to Jose Garces, who did Philly proud on Iron Chef America Sunday night. A one-point margin in Battle Melon served the freckled Flay his first defeat since May 2006 to Laurent Tourondel. All we could do was watch, cheer and salitvate as Garces demonstrated he's a proven winner. Jose, can we interest you in a spot in the Phillies line-up? All this week, check dishes from the winning menu at Amada, Tinto and Distrito. Each restaurant will be serving different dishes each night; we're all over the frozen shaved cantaloupe and Iberico business. Deets below.

Special Menu Offerings
Desayuno - $8
Fresh Melon, Quail Egg, Bacon Crisp, Cream & Maple, Cooled with an Espresso Granita
Sliced Ibérico & Cantaloupe Terrine - $10
Melon & Serrano Ice, Fresh Herb Salad
Ceviche Sandia - $16
Toro, Melon Lime Bon Bons, Sandia & Tomato Orbs
Som Tum - $12
Kobe Beef, Wintermelon, Radish & Carrot, Pickled Honeydew, Peanut Dressing & Fresh Herbs
Mosaic Melon -
Charred Melon Cubes, Ricotta Cream, Watermelon Puree, Anise Lemon Espuma
Monday - Desayuno - $8
Tuesday - Sliced Ibérico & Cantaloupe Terrine - $10
Wednesday - Desayuno - $8
Thursday - Ceviche de Sandía - $16
Monday - Ceviche de Sandía - $16
Tuesday - Som Tum - $12
Wednesday - Desayuno - $8
Thursday - Som Tum - $12
Friday - Ceviche de Sandía - $16
Monday: Sliced Ibérico & Cantaloupe Terrine - $10
*The specials for the rest of the week are undecided, but will include Som Tum, and Mosaic Melon.*
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Katie Clas said...

Also, at Garces's Chicago restaurant, Mercat a la Planxa, there will be a special viewing party. Each dish will be made by Garces as the episode is viewed. Garces will be avalibe to offer commentary and answer questions. For $125 per person you will receive 5 courses with wine parings plus a surprise course (what he would have done had he had the time to think about it), along with absenth faires and cocktails to start! The price includes tax and gratuity. Don't miss this event, it is sure to deliver quiet the evening. Call Mercat a la Planxa @ 312-765-0524 for immediate booking.