Thing’s We’ve Come To Realize Thus Far Into The Phillies’ Season

1) Chase Utley, in fact, has a personality.
2) Charlie Manuel needs a few favorite game, as Musical Bullpen is not working. (Might we suggest Tornado Rex?)
3) We’re still not quite sure what it is W.B. Mason actually does.

Oh, dearest Phils, why are you doing this to us? We’re in physical pain watching you blow another lead to the Dodgers. WTF, Chad Durbin, Clay Condrey? Seriously. Sigh. Should you masochists be planning to take in some more pain during the upcoming homestand, we thought we’d share a little Dollar Dog diddy we wrote as part of Philadelphia STYLE’s 25 Tastes of Summer.

“10. Dollar Dogs This Phillies promo begun in 1998 has morphed in a facet of Phillies culture as identifiable as the throaty cadence of Harry Kallas. Normally $3.75, the price of the 100% beef Hatfield franks snuggled in Stroehmann potato rolls drops to only a buck during designated games (nine this season). “People circle them on their schedule,” laughs Ballpark concessions director Kevin Tedesco. Each stand has a cap on the number of dogs you can buy at a time, but it’s only to divert lines. Says Tedesco: “If you want to get right back in line and eat 50 hot dogs, you certainly can.” Could this be the reason they sell 50,000-75,000 franks during Dollar Dog Nights? Two remain this season: Tuesday, August 19 (Nationals) and Tuesday, September 9 (Marlins). Buy tickets at Phillies.com.”

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