Hot Off The Press Release: Bar 210

Today, we’re introducing a new recurring item on blogalicious, Hot Off The Press Release, pre-digested for your thirsty curiosity like a baby bird’s dinner. Mmm-mmm. This morning, we’ve got deets on Bar 210, the new lounge opening up in Lacroix in next month, one of our favorite restaurants in this fair town. The release hasn’t officially dropped yet, but here’s some advance info. Off the record. On the Q.T. And very hush-hush.

The Designer: Marguerite “Meg” Rodgers, whose portfolio includes Rouge, Fitzwater Café, XIX, Susanna Foo, the Lacroix dining room and the Rittenhouse Hotel. (RIP: Rodger’s has also designed for Striped Bass, Pasion, Avenue B, Tony Clark’s, La Mas Perrier and Bleu)

The Look: A mahogany U with 10 stools and four cocktail tables. Edelman chocolate brown herringbone leather floor. Gold upholstered Jim Thompson wallpaper. Illumination by lighting designer Sean O’Connor, whose portfolio includes XIX, Free People and Fork etc. Custom wainscoting.

The Art: “The focal point of the bar area, which is the back bar area, is a 9 foot wide by 8 foot high custom piece of artwork [called] a reverse painted mirror. The piece is being created by local designer Megan Stevens […] inspired by traditional Asian landscape painting with a modern interpretation—using trees very indigenous the Rittenhouse Square Park—that transform the room from afternoon to evening and will also reflect the park.”

The Drinks: Cocktail list coming shortly, but for right now all we know is that they’re going heavy on the house-infused liquors and fresh ingredients.

The Food: In progress, with Chef Matthew Levin is creating a custom menu for the bar. Here’s hoping the fluke belly with black salt, lime and watermelon fizz makes the cut. Or at least some really awesome fancy popcorn.
Photo: Gastronomy

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