Tipping Points

As if you didn’t already know, turns out, according to Zagat, Philadelphians are the most generous people on earth again! The new burgundy book says we tip an average of 19.6% at restaurant, besting the national average of 19%. Scrooges. We at blogalicious know what it’s like to work for tips, so we’ve compiled a short list of tipping rules for your viewing pleasure—not that you need it, you generous city, you.

1. Never leave coins. Waiters and bartenders aren’t six-year-olds with piggy banks.
2. Using a credit card? Try to tip in cash. Depending on the restaurant, servers might have to wait for credit card gratuity to be rolled into their check, which is taxed.
3. Sanctioned stiffing: Never—unless your server verbally or physically assaults you. We’ve seen both.
4. Twenty percent is a generous tip, but don’t think it makes you some magnanimous benefactor. Reward exceptional service by tipping above the average. Your server will remember you.
5. Be courteous. Say please and thank you. Respect goes farther than cash.

As the bible says, do unto your waiter, as you would have them do unto you.
Photo: TheRiver

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