Breakfast of (Late-Rising) Champions

Um, why has no one told us about Honey’s Sit ‘n’ Eat? Those dastardly Northern Libertines, keeping this awesome spot all to themselves. Actually, we’ve been aware of Honey’s for some time, always meaning to get there but never doing so. Today we went, and we like. What’s not to dig about a place you show up to at 2 PM and the servers ask if you want coffee and fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice? Of course you just arose. Of course you want breakfast. Order up: the breakfast po’ boy—scrambled eggs and sweet “Honey Deen” sausage slathered with country gravy on a long toasted roll—and pear French toast, thick slabs of bread pan-fried to till golden and glowing. Nice biscuits too, almost a challenger to Ugly American’s. Honey’s reminds us of Sabrina’s, only on the other side of Market, but—hey! Isn’t that cute waitress working the floor also a waitress at the Bella Vista bruncherie? She is! One drawback: The service was frenetic and forgetful. Sugar caddies empty, coffee served with no cream. We were asked if we wanted dessert before we even got our breakfast, which took (Sandlot accent) forrrrr…ev…er. Fortunately, our Sabrina’s babe swept in and saved the day. Thanks, doll. See you soon. See the photos now.
Photo: blogalicious

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