There Seems To Be A Problem With The Television, Mr. Draper

Can somebody tell us what’s up with Mad Men? Late-night Sunday, as is traditional in the blogalicious household, we settled in for a little Miller-Gold/Sterling-Cooper double-header. Ari may have bitch-slapped Adam Davies, but OnDemand seems to have bitch-slapped us. There was no new Mad Men epi. Four days later, it’s still not there. Are the Drapers on hiatus or something? Or is Comcast is exacting revenge from our Table 31 review? Instead of sulking, join us for a three-martini lunch at Continental. It’s almost noon.

Photo: PopCultureMadness

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Joy said...

It was a re-run. I think AMC wanted Mad Men viewers to watch MM wipe up the floor with the competition at the Emmy awards.