Welcome, Pinkberr—Err, Phileo!

Frozen yogurt fanatics we be, so it was only a matter of (very short) time before we checked out Phileo, Philly’s first fro yo bar. Get a load of that sleek South Street façade. Snazzy, no? We tried for some snaps of the interior, but the staff had a tantrum. They got snappy and wavy, as if we were some crazy fro yo paparazzi, which we, of course, are. Customers stared at us in mid-spoonful, Fruity Pebbles stuck to their bottom lips. It was kind of embarrassing, Phileo. Jeez. Perhaps they were afraid we were trying to steal the idea they already stole from Pinkberry? We’ve been to the Pink, and Phileo’s plain flavored yogurt has the identical tang and thick consistency we dig so much. Yum. But where Phileo improves on the Pinkberry formula is choice. Instead of offering only plain and green tea (they have both those too), they also churn out blushing strawberry, banana that tastes like Runts candies, cappuccino, taro, pineapple, cheesecake, Georgia peach and others. The other big difference is that Phileo is entirely self-serve. Pick up a Styrofoam cup, dispense your own yogurt, load up the toppings (fresh mango, Cap’n Crunch, warm caramel) till your heart’s content. Your DIY sundae is weighed at checkout, 49 cents for every ounce. Difference #3: Phileo saves you money. Managed to snap a shot of our frozen yogurt (plain + strawberry yogurt, with fresh strawberries and Cocoa Pebbles) once we were safely outside Phileo’s no-photo zone. Sorry it looks a little messy. We got so excited we starting spooning before we remembered to take a pic. Brain freeze.

Photo: blogalicious

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bhiladelphia said...

i still go for the plain. i fear change