Bisexual Bourbon And Additional Deets On Bar 210

While you were spending your holiday weekend ogling Linsday Lohan at murmur or watching Jill Biden clap funny at the Democratic National Convention, blogalicious was getting mas scoopage on Bar Dos-Diez from Matthew Levin, Chef at Lacroix. (Actually we did those other things too.) He’s high on Bisexual Bourbon, a craft cocktail he’s creating with Maker’s Mark, Muscovado sugar syrup from the Philippines, house-made peach nectar and maple syrup aged in oak Maker’s Mark barrels and hot-smoked by Levin with hickory and cherry woods. Wowzers. The bar menu will include snacks like fried chickpeas, tapioca chips and gourmet popcorn as well as larger plates like meatloaf sandwiches, foie gras, octopus and a “kick ass” burger. Construction is right on target for a mid-September opening.” But like with all restaurant schedules, take that with a large grain of pink Hawaiian sea salt.
Photo: BeamTeam

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