Breaking: A Fourth Capogiro

You already know John and Stephanie Reitano are setting up a third gelato emporium on Penn’s campus this winter, but did you know this: A fourth location is coming to Mount Airy in the spring. Stephanie told us this week that the north-by-northwest outpost will be outside their 14,000-square-foot wholesale production facility and include an entire hot kitchen. We, in turn, replied that was nice and begged for them to drop #5 on Passyunk Avenue. Please.

Photo: GoPhila


Anonymous said...

I hereby challenge all fellow Mount Airyites to a gelato eat-off.

Anonymous said...

You're on! Where in Mt. Airy will this be located?

Anonymous said...

There new location and production site is slated for East Falls not Mt. Airy. Someone's geography is off.