Why Global Warming Is OK By Us

Warm October afternoons were made for Sabrina’s. We admit we strayed from the Christian Street bruncherie, lured away by butterscotch flapjacks at Blew & Brew, Café con Chocolate’s huevos rancheros and Honey’s buttermilk biscuits, but we’re back, tail between our legs, begging forgiveness. We don’t mind that the Milky Way stuffed French toast tasted nothing like a Milky Way—Really, do the French toast specials ever taste like the wacky syrups, compotes, butters the menu lists? We think not. The giant brioche pyramids were, as always, impossibly delicious, as was our other ‘Brina’s fave; the crisp chicken cutlet sandwich on seeded Sarcone’s. Sitting outside, at one of the rickety, rusty patio tables, sun shining, trees rustling, they taste even better. Hurry up and get there, while the weather lasts. More pics here.
Photo: blogalicious

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