Holding Our Breath... Top Chef: Philly

So psyched that Bravo’s Top Chef premieres tomorrow, even if this season takes place in New York instead of somewhere less predictable like, uh, we don’t know, Philly, maybe? Ask yourself this, Bravo producers: Does New York really need another TV series? Shit, it’s like force-feeding a diabetic Ring Dings. We’re not bitter, though, really we’re not. For all the homegrown talent here and ever-growing national spotlight, you’d just think our name might pop up in conversation. Picture it: Vetri and Garces as guest judges, Philebrity contestant stalking, Restaurant Wars coverage on Foobooz… Awesome! Here are our completely unsubstantiated reasons why we think Top Chef Philly might happen sooner than later:

1) Because over the summer, Jim Burke of James was named a Best New Chef by Food & Wine, Top Chef’s partner in the publishing world.
2) Because perennial guest judge Eric Ripert has a new 215 restaurant to plug.
3) Because secretly, we’re seeing Padma and have been harassing her about this nonstop. That is when we’re not doing it.

Then again, the obligatory cheesesteak Quickfire would probably make us nauseous.


E said...

For real! Philly seemed like the next logical stop for Top Chef. Maybe next year?

Happy Hatton said...

4 - Food & Wine, pub partner, featured Jose Garces in November issue "A Chef's All American Thanksgiving"

5 - Food & Wine, pub partner, December issue, featured Zahav's Fried Califower dish as the one of 10 Top Best New Restaurant Dishes of 2008