It’s Not A Hoagie, It’s A Primo: Stupid Commercials, Great Sandwiches

Down in South Philly, not far from the new Taproom on 19th everyone seems to dig, you’ll find the original Primo Hoagie. Since opening 15 years ago on Ritner Street, the local mini-chain has since branched out to Center City, Fishtown, Ardmore, West Chester, Marlton, Ocean City, even Delaware.

We like the flagship, a stinky store where the walls are lined with Herr’s chips, Tastykakes and autographed headshots of Sly Stallone, Jay Leno and other famous acolytes. Our order rarely varies: Chicken Suprimo, thick breaded cutlets, fresh mozzarella and smiles of roasted red peppers, all packed into (the most crucial part of this sandwich) a seeded Sarcone’s roll. Whether you call it a hoagie, sub, hero, whatever, it’s really good.
Photo: blogalicious


superdeluxo said...

i'm pretty sure that primo's no longer uses sarcone's rolls. sarcone's has long been planning to branch out and they stopped supplying primo's because of it.

adam said...

Really? Looked and tasted like Sarcone's... If you're right, that's pretty tragic.