Cooking 4 Dummies: Fish In Foil

Some people seem to think our job involves sitting around the house while Padma Lakshmi look-alikes spoon-feed us Osetra caviar as we peck out nasty one-liners on a laptop. Partly, this is true (namely, the laptop), but if you talk to any food pro they’ll tell the life ain’t always so glamorous. You’ll frown when we tell you this. You’ll protest that, no, we have the coolestjobever! You’ll secretly think what horrible ingrates we are. And it’s true. Reviewing restaurants and writing about food is amazing work, but there are some things you need to sacrifice, like your 32-inch waist and the simple joy of cooking at home*.

In an attempt to eat healthier in the 2009 (actually just be able to gorge with impunity at restaurants), blogalicious has been actively trying to cook more at home. Till we fall off the wagon, we’ll be bringing you the results in this new recurring feature, Cooking 4 Dummies, slideshow recipes so easy a caveman could do it.

We’re assuming you’re intelligent enough to connect the dots between the slideshow. We’re also assuming you can chop an onion without severing your pinky. If not, watch a few hours of Food Network before proceeding. This recipe for lemon sole is healthy as well as idiot-proof. Mix the ingredients, pile them into a sheet of aluminum foil, place the fish on top, wrap the foil into a packet and bake. The cooking vessel is the serving vessel, so clean-up’s a mothafuckin’ cinch!

Fear not the weird ingredients. In this particular recipe, the presence of rose water, pomegranate molasses and pistachio oil is a function of our compulsive shopping habit that rears its ugly head around exotic and unusual comestibles that invariably wind up sitting around in the cabinet until we force them into dishes like these. The rose, pomegranate and pistachio create a Middle Eastern profile for the fish, but you could just as easily swap good old extra-virgin olive oil for the pistachio stuff, add some herbs-de-Provence and crushed tomato for a Mediterranean riff. See how easy!

*It’s important to note we are not chefs. But from dining out often, reading cookbooks, watching lots of Barefoot Hamptons Ogre and being a general student of food, we’re pretty good at figuring out what goes with what and the steps to take to achieve a delicious and edible result. Bon appetit, baby.
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Felicia D'Ambrosio said...

Nice foray into recipe-world, Adam! The fish in foil or parchment is such a good bad and practically foolproof. Gimme those pomegranate molasses!