Sealed With A (Delicious, Smoky, Greasy-Lipped) Kiss: Bacon By Mail!

In the realm of the Best Presents Ever, this one is hard to beat: a subscription to Zingerman’s Bacon Club, “a monthly ration of America’s best rashers.” If you don’t know the big Z, they’re an Ann Arbor-based treasure trove of artisan foods. In their store and online, the company sells everything from Tunisian preserved lemons and Quebecois goat butter to wild pine cone syrup and caramels dusted in bee pollen. The Bacon Club, a Christmas gift, has brought us three months of happy mornings. The sizzle and snap in the pan. The smoky aroma hanging in the air. And lots of sunny-side-up eggs and vegetables cooked in the wonderful rendered fat we’ve been saving since December. One pound of bacon arrives once a month, and we haven’t been this excited about the mail since we stopped watching Blues Clues. Christmas morning brought Neuskes applewood-smoked, followed by Kuttawa, Kentucky-based Broadbent Hams’s hickory-smoked bacon brightening up dreary January. Today is bittersweet, as we received our final (and most exciting) variety: Balinese Long Pepper. (Some light long pepper reading here.) We’ll have to stretch this pound… unless someone wants to renew our subscription for us?

Photo: blogalicious


Happy Hatton said...

Wow - I went directly to the site to sign up, only to find out that the Bacon club isn't starting back up again until Sept 2009 - I guess I just have to sign up for one of those clubs until then - yummm bacon :)

adam said...

J- No way! That sucks... However, you can order just the Balinese long pepper bacon by itself here (http://www.zingermans.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=M-ALP). Had some today for breakfast, as well as in the buffalo tacos, and it is unbelievable stuff. Zingerman's also sells whole dried long peppers too (http://www.zingermans.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=P-LBP), but they're currently sold out. Get bacon.