This Saturday: Fishing With Feury

Trim the sails, mateys! We have no idea what that actually means, but you might after this Saturday’s fishing excursion with Fork’s Terence Feury and fishmonger Anthony McCarthy. You’ll also learn how to catch, clean and break down the whole striped bass, porgies and bluefish that’ll hopefully be biting over the shipwrecks 10 to 20 miles off the Cote d’Jerz. Since this is fishing with Fork, it will be in style on a DMR 65’ yacht with coffee, fresh baked pastries, boxed lunches and beverages. (Transpo from Fork to AC and back also included.) After fishing all day, enjoy dinner of your spoils back at Fork. $200 per person. Call 215.625.9425 for reservations.

Photo: JerseyMarine

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