Truth, Consequence & Chili

Sipping a lovely Finca Kilimanjaro coffee from Brew/Ultimo the other night, a Lucky Old Souls flyer caught our eye. Seem October 25, the radio show and Dan Peterson (of the trio Truth & Consequence) is presenting a mini concert at the Moonstone Arts Center (formerly Robin’s Books) in Midtown Village. There are three acts, but we’re most excited about #4 in the line-up, Peterson’s “3 x 5 Chili”, an organic hot pot of three beans, five peppers, local grass-fed beef (or not, for the vegetarians) and lots of cornbread. The pic above is not of Peterson’s chili—we haven’t had the pleasure yet—but of a black bean-and-quinoa ditty from Closet Cooking, a nifty Toronto food blog. Sounds like October to us. The event begins at 6:30 PM, and tickets are $15.

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