For Brunch, Go Fish

You'll have to wait till next week for our official review of Mike Stollenwerk's sequel to his maddeningly popular Little Fish, but for now we can tell you the restaurant is set to begin brunch on January 31st. Surprisingly--and very unlike the dinner menu at fish--the carte du jour isn't nearly as seafood-dominated. And though we'll say yes please to baked eggs with lobster and uni emulsion, we're even more jazzed about french toast filled with foie gras, pork belly over grits and duck eggs benedict gilded in duck fat hollandaise. Sunday the 31st also marks Stollenwerk's reprisal of Little Fish's famous $28 five-course pre-fixe. Given that fish, while more than double the size of Little Fish, still only seats 47 including the bar, reservations will likely be just as elusive. Godspeed.

Brunch Menu
Smoked Salmon Hash
Fried egg, celery leaf

Prosciutto, fontina, arugula

Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes

Brown sugar butter

Baked Eggs
Lobster, shitake, sea urchin emulsion

Duck Eggs Benedict
House made Canadian bacon, duck fat hollandaise

Foie Gras Stuffed French Toast
Sherry syrup, orange dust

Simple Eggs
Your style with choice of:
Bacon, Canadian bacon, house made pork roll, breakfast sausage

12 hour Pork Belly
grits, brussel leaves

Crabcake BLT
Pumpernickel, pickled fennel

Cobb Salad

Blue Bay Mussels
Coconut, curry, lemongrass

Classic niscoise, poached egg vinaigrette

Chicken Fried Monkfish
Chorizo gravy

Lobster Grilled Cheese
Tomato soup

Hiramasa Tacos
Avocado, tomatillo, cilantro


Pork roll
Canadian bacon
Breakfast sausage
Smoked salmon
Fingerling hash
Brussel leaves
English muffin
Fresh ricotta
Photo: fish


Maria Valetta said...

Yes! Another brunch spot- and it sounds decadent. Hurry up Jan 31st! Thanks for the info Adam

Anonymous said...

mmm...chicken fried monkfish?! I can't wait!

Jennie said...

Because of this post - which I kept on my phone - we went to Brunch this past Sunday - it was fantastic, baked eggs with lobster and oyster crema...delicious!