Spring Cocktails at Franklin Mortgage

Photo: Mike Persico for Philadelphia Weekly

Cheers to Al Sotack, head bartender at Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., for dropping us a line with the speakeasy's new 34-drink spring menu. "Containing not only our take on nine classic cocktails, our Spring Menu features twenty-five staff contributions, undoubtedly representing the style and personality of our barkeeps more than either previous." Persephone, named for the Greek queen of the underworld, is looking to gain status as our regular drink this season. According to legend, the kidnapped maiden was permitted an annual springtime furlough from Hades, and upon her return, the earth would flower and fruit for six months. (Lesson courtesy of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.) Made with white rum, fresh grapefruit and lime juices, grapefruit bitters and house-made grenadine, Franklin's refreshing Persephone is exactly the kind of tonic to help shake off half a year of hibernation.

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