I Love the Smell of Uncle Ho’s Hot Sticks in the Morning

Mike Klein just snagged the menu for Devil’s Den (opening April Fool’s Day), and while the Dante’s Inferno theme is dialed down a bit from the original menu reported on The Clog—the Haitian Voodoo Salad and Fiendish Fritters didn’t make the cut—it’s still unashamedly devilish. Sinnach salad. Death Valley Nachos. Grilled Satan Tips!! We have no doubt that the filet tips with refried black beans and cilantro risotto are demonically delish, but don’t expect us to order it with a straight face. Our favorite: Uncle Ho’s Hot Sticks, which manages to sound vaguely offensive to both Asian and hoes and be disturbingly pseudo-sexual, all at the same time. Nice. They’re actually ginger and chicken spring rolls served with… napalm sauce. Explosively good.

Photo: South Park Stuff

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