Rico Act

Don’t hate us, but we at blogalicious got some much-needed R&R over the Easter holiday in Puerto Rico. Check out that pool shot at the El San Juan hotel. We had lots of yummy food—watermelon limeade loaded with fresh mint; roasted Cornish hen stuffed with black beans and rice; creamy coconut risotto that tasted like Suave coconut shampoo (in a good way)—and now we’re back along with a bitchin’ sunburn. Check out Philadelphia Weekly next week for the scoop on Café Colao, a (coincidentally) Puerto Rican café on North Fifth Street.
Photo: blogalicious


Joy said...

I'm sorry Adam, I will have to hate you. At least until I can get that pool image out of my mind. No fair!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You blogalicious-ers do seem to travel a lot! Glad we get to hear what you eat on vacation though! Mmm-mmm!