A Little Pitchy, Dog

Amid drizzles and fireworks yesterday, the Fightins rallied in a sixth-inning strike to try to break their three-years-running opening day losing streak. Chase: Homer. Jimmy: Homer. Bullpen: Homer, five of them, actually… for the Nats. So we lost. So what? If these past few seasons of Phillies baseball have taught us anything, it’s that come the playoff race these opening series losses will hardly make a difference…

Anywho, even with an L in our column, there’s still plenty to be happy about. It’s baseball! We’re in a recession and a crippled housing market and the dollar sucks and Kristy Lee Cook is still on Idol, but baseball, the American pasttime, has a way of just making us feel all happy and worry-free.

One of the best things about baseball is food, natch. Popcorn. Peanuts. CrackerJacks. And of course hot dogs, like the ones from Texas Wieners, a Philly icon we haven’t been back to since our parents made us walk there in the snow when we were, like, seven. Down deep in South Philly, in the shadow of the Melrose, the location is so offbeat it’s a wonder this black-and-white-tiled dog joint has weathered its neighborhood. The Works is a dog, split, topped with raw chopped white onion, and zesty brown mustard sauce, and encased in a soft bun that wraps the wiener in a comfy carbohydrate pillow. Cheese Works adds cheese; the Texas Tommy is bacon and cheese; the Texan is loaded with home fries, onions, and peppers; and the Chicago-style gets pickles, mustard, onion, tomatoes, and peppers. Texas Wieners also does burgers, corn dogs, triple-thick strawberry milkshakes, and something called a Fish Cake Combo, a fish cake and wiener together on a roll. The combo comes without the Works, since that of course would make it gross.
Photo: Texas Wieners

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Bee said...

All I need now is a win against the Nationals and an iced tea water from Italiano's and it's a perfect day.