He Got Game

Lately some gossip girls have been tittering about a new chef at South Philly Tap Room. This is muy fortunate because SPTR has been awesome on just about every level except for food, which always rested somewhere between average and shitty. Enter Michael Zulli, executive chef at Bridgewater’s Pub in 30th Street Station. Credit the guy with making a train station restaurant far better than it has to be with interesting dishes like yak burgers and West African boar stew. Zulli’s game theory translates to the new SPTR menu with tequila-glazed ostrich kebobs, buffalo steak with sunchoke chips, and a BLT salad where the ‘B’ stands for bear bacon. We’re most excited about Mr. Mancuso’s Cheese Plate, from the underrated Mancuso & Son on Passyunk and Mifflin. Check out the rest of the menu below.


Cape May Clam Chili
Rice, sour cream, jalapeno corn bread… $9

Kennett Square Mushroom Soup
Roasted garlic crostini… $6

Hangar Steak Salad
Chopped greens, shallots, ginger… $10

Bear BLT Salad
Smoked bear bacon, creamy Caesar dressing… $7

Grilled Rock Octopus
Lemon, Herbs, Olives… $8

Ostrich Kebobs
Agave nectar, tequila, black pepper… $9

Chicken Wings
Thai-glazed or Jamaican jerk… $8

Shrimp and Grits
Hot sauce, diced pancetta, cheese grits… $11

Rocky Mountain Oysters
Flash-fried, Sriracha mayo dipping sauce… $7

Strawberry Salad
Smoked Gouda, toasted almonds, vinaigrette… $8

Stuffed grape leaves, olive salad, pita… $8

Fried Zucchini
Tempura-style, cucumber yogurt sauce… $6

French-Canadian cheese fries, mushroom gravy… $7

Mr. Mancuso’s Cheese Plate
Selected by the city’s best cheese monger… $9


SPTR Beer Burger
Chimay Trappist cheese, beer-braised onions… $10

Crab Cake Sandwich
Jumbo lump, English muffin, remoulade… $14

Peppadew Chicken Panini
Pesto, Peppadew peppers, mozzarella… $9

The Blue Pig
Wild boar burger, wild boar burger, Gorgonzola… $12

Tenderloin Cheese Steak
Certified Angus beef, shaved Parmesan… $9

Scallop Sliders
Hickory-maple BBQ sauce, country slaw… $11

Veggie Burger
The best veggie burger. Ever. With guacamole… $10

Portobello Cutlet Sandwich
Open-face, mozzarella, tomato, broccoli rabe… $8

Fried Artichoke Gyro
Green salad, feta, tzatsiki… $8


Spring Chicken Pot Pie
Rich and creamy, flaky puff pastry… $10

Fish and Chips
Cod and shrimp, Ketel One cocktail sauce… $14

Buffalo Steak
Sunchoke chips, roasted corn salsa… $16

Swordfish Chop
Macadamia crust, pineapple, coconut rice… $19

Spaghetti and Yak Meatballs
Tomato curry cream sauce, garlic flat bread… $12

Italian Mac and Cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli rabe, Mascarpone… $10

Tofu Stir Fry
Rice noodles, ginger, greens… $11


Anonymous said...

Was there last weekend. Had the Swordfish Chop. It came out cooked perfectly with a big bone sticking straight up in the air that looked like a sail. It came in some coconut rice with figs. It was absolutely amazing. Probably the best fish dish I have ever had. My girlfriend is a vegetarian and had the portabella cutlet which she said was also amazing. So happy the Tap is no longer about buffalo wings and queso's :)

Anonymous said...

Could nopt agree more. The food at the SPTR is off the hook.

Anonymous said...

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