Muy Caliente

With the sugar-sweet white corn from Jersey Fresh, glossy black-red Bing cherries and tart yellow Raniers from Beechwood Orchards, and gumdrop-sized potatoes from Weavers Way, you hardly need another reason to visit the Headhouse Square farmer’s market on Sundays. Here’s one anyway: Los Taquitos de Puebla. To find their tent, just look for the line forming on Second Street on the outskirts of the Shambles—or just look for Zahav’s dynamic duo Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook, who last Sunday were getting LTDP take-out, presumably for the Xlunch crew at their cross-street restaurant Xochitl. Fish a Mexican Coca-Cola or Jarritos from the Igloo cooler and order up tacos al pastor, huaraches, or quesadillas. A chico with mad knife skills flicks his blade against the vertically roasting pig, tender meat and crunchy skin falling into the waiting flour tortillas in his palm. Tart, sweet pineapple, a jet of lime, and shower of cilantro balance the al pastor's fatty succulence. Sitting in a plastic folding chair under the blazing sun, we couldn't think of a better thing to eat at the market.
Photo: blogalicious

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