Not Now Chifa, I’m in the F*ckin’ Zone

We were barely coming down off the high of Stephen Starr heading into the Broad Street Diner (Score one for South Philly); The Dive dude announcing Watkins Drinkery (Score one more for South Philly); and chirps that Mike Schulson has his eye on the black hole that was Kaizan, when Michael Klein dropped the news (beating A.D. Amorosi by 12 minutes) that Senor Jose Garces is the mystery tenant setting up shop in the old 707. The name: Chifa. The concept: the Peruvian/Chinese fusion of Lima's Chinatown. OMG! Didn’t we just say last week that we could use a Peruvian spot! Garces tells us to expect a ceviche bar, something Philadelphia hasn’t seen done well since the closing of Pasion (sniffle, sniffle). But seriously, our collective brain is going into sensory overload. Distrito hasn’t even opened yet! Still, we likey. Opening scheduled for early 2009. See you in November 2009, Chifa.
Photo: Ian Jenkins, Amada, blogalicious

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Anonymous said...

I was born in Lima, Peru and have eaten some of the best ceviche in the world. I also worked at Pasion and know how high the bar can be set. I love Peruvian Chifa food it blows Chinatown away. All I can say is that if anyone can deliver this concept it's Jose. I cant wait!!!!