I Guess Now We're Happy We Didn't Think of That

The alleged closing of U. City cereal bar Cereality—thanks for the heads-up, Drew Lazor et T. Popp—has us drowning our blues in Booberry. How we’ll miss this wacky wonderful place. Hot bubbling Strawberry Fields oatmeal made to order. Saturday morning cartoons on the flat-screens. Malt balls bobbing in bowls of Kix. Cereality was the reason we never made it to Huntsman Hall on time for Marketing-001. The staff wore striped PJs emblazoned with ‘Captain of Crunch’, now they’re out of a job. Allegedly. Those folks were doing God’s work. Where’s the love?

Worry not though, cereal addicts. You can still get your fix at ice cream parlor Scoop DeVille. Pick your ice cream or yogurt. Pick you mix-ins (including Cocoa Pebbles and Golden Grahams). The blend is then loaded into a giant mechanical mixer that churns out your selection as a custom flavor. At Phileo, Philly’s answer to Pinkberry, shower your top your fro-yo with Cap’n Crunch with abandon. At 49 cents an ounce, feel free to load the shit up.

10 Arts’ dessert menu features candied Rice Krispies scattered across its Tastykake-inspired dessert, a gooey chocolate-caramel-peanut tart served alongside a scoop of peanut butter Kandy Kake-enriched ice cream. Dainty desserts are the highlight at Continental Midtown, where the coconut-lemongrass soup filled with jewel-toned tapioca pearls really looks—and tastes—like the cereal it’s named for: Froot Loops! Not to mix cereal mottos, but they’re grrrr-eat.

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